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Rural Health Partners

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Rural Health Partners invests in the development of intellectual property with partner hospitals that can be commercialized on either a regional or national scale. We aggressively develop strategic and operational excellence initiatives with rural hospitals and clinics and leverage an innovative shared risk-reward model that allows the partner hospitals to generate meaningful unrelated business income. We specifically seek out initiatives focused on improving patient care, employee productivity and optimizing financial performance.  The result is valuable software, systems and processes that are leveraged to benefit other partner facilities "in the family" as well as external organizations.


Risk/Reward Model

RHP actively invests with partner hospitals to implement initiatives on an incentive-based model with the goal of achieving specific performance objectives.  And upon successful completion each partner shares in cost savings and cash flow benefits, increased operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Operational Excellence Initiatives

 The Operational Excellence Initiatives created by RHP and its partners are designed to quickly and measurably maximize the value and effectiveness of current assets, reduce the risks of future investments and to enable effective organizational change and adaptation.


The principals of RHP have a long history of investing in and managing health care organizations and technology businesses and a proven track record of assisting hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes address important strategic and operational challenges.

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